Brand Representation & Business Development in Asia

Artisan wines are under-represented in most Asian markets, but there is potential for a gradual growth for the long term.  However, it is challenging for producers to develop the markets due to the differences and diversity with respect to consumer behavior, market environment, culture, and language;  thus it would be very costly to travel to Asia frequently and would require a lot of time and effort to properly maintain the business relationship and understand the dynamic market conditions.  As opposed to hiring a regional manager, brand ambassador or just a sales agent in Asia, VIN2ASIA provides a practical and effective solution by working with a group of elite and visionary boutique wineries to maximize synergy and cost efficiency.

Playing the role of an extended winery staff member based in Asia, VIN2ASIA handles brand representation, business development, marketing, and relationship management locally.  We will help not only finding the right importers but also maintaining the on-going relationship by providing existing and new importers local support to grow the business. We are also keen to employ relationship-driven and service-oriented approach to deliver our winemakers’ philosophy and passion to their partners in Asia.

We have a database of up to 2,000 wine importers all over China & Hong Kong,  and networks in other Asian markets including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. Having connections with wine media & sommeliers and over 10 years of wine business experience in Asia, we strive to make a difference and to drive results for our producers.